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Sprouting Seeds – One Of The Healthiest Foods You Can Eat, So Easy To Grow

One of the biggest super-food crazes to hit the world recently has to be sprouting seeds, or sprouting shoots. These are simply seeds that have only just shooted, within 2-4 days of germinating, where all of the supposed flavour and goodness are still at very high and intense levels homepage.

Many top London restaurants have started serving the sprouted seeds as starters or alongside a maincourse, as not only are they seen as being trendy and the latest “fad” but they are also very tasty, as well as pound-for-pound the most nutritious food that you can eat.

One of the most appealing things about sprouting seeds is that they are so easy to grow. Everyone seems to be growing their own fruit and vegetables right now, but sprouter seeds are so much easier to grow because it is literally just the first few days of the seed germinating, so all you need is the seed to have some moisture and light and it will grow. It will be ready to eat within 4 days and you can just eat them raw as cooking them will destroy many of the valuable enzymes that are present in the seeds.

As one of the most nutritious foods available to eat, the price of buying and growing sprouting seeds is actually refreshingly low. You may think that as a super food they would command an extortionate price, but thankfully the price of many of the seeds are very low and they can be grown very easily with low tech equipment. Definitely worth giving a go if you want to find an alternative, healthy snack food to eat.