Temporary Fencing – Hiring Vs Purchasing

As an owner of a Temporary Fencing business based in Melbourne, Australia. I am beginning to notice an alarming trend. The Importation of Inferior and unsafe Temporary Fencing product flooding the consumer market hirein.

While these Temporary Fencing panels are indeed cheap, the Quality in the manufacturing process is just not there, this can end up costing you a lot more than you think.

If you are in the all too common situation of weighing up purchasing Temporary Fencing Vs. Renting, Please read on Prior to making a decision.

As an owner or builder it’s your right as a consumer to seek out a bargain. I would begrudge no man or woman for that. But the old saying ” You always get what you pay for ” rings true here.

Although Temporary Fencing is sometimes regarded as a nuisance ” Required ” by council law, It’s so much more than just that. “Temporary fencing is Security for one of, if not the biggest investment you’ll make in your life.”

The Lure of Cheap, Unsafe imports are often too great for the unsuspecting consumer. Here’s why now, more than ever buyer should beware.

Imported panels are often light gauge material that will not last more than a few months into the building process, requiring replacement at your expense. The reason being thin pipe walls that bend from the slightest knock. ( in building a home, the temp fence will need to be taken down and re-erected numerous times to allow materials & machinery onto the site, this is when damage will occur )

Inferior weld quality. From most examples I have seen, the weld quality in the construction process is quite poor. Tests that we have carried out have shown breaks in the weld from a single blow with a hammer.

Inferior Steel. While advertised as Galvanized steel, many imported temp fence panels are just low quality steel ( sometimes with impurites such as glass and concrete ) sprayed with silver paint. This makes the panels appear to be galvanized metal but after the paint scratches off the panels will rust.

Lightweight Panels. While you may assume having temp fence that is lightweight would be a good thing, unfortunately, lightweight in the construction industry means poor quality. A lightweight panel is going to tip over in a gust of wind. The result, at best, a panel that needs to be replaced. At Worst? A public liability lawsuit for damage caused to persons or property when it fell.

The selling point of owning your own temporary fencing ( especially for builders ) is that you’ll be able to use it on multiple sites for many years. Given the information above. I hope you can see that this is a sell and not the truth.

As Stated earlier, Temporary fencing is security for your biggest investment. A quality professional installation protects your site from Vandals, Squatters, Thieves and a Public Liability Lawsuit.